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Concrete scoring for an awesomely stained concrete floor

Even though concrete scoring is a relatively new process on the market, it is increasingly gaining momentum in the arena of concrete building for this is certainly for some very good reasons.

If you have been doing your homework on the web, chances are high that you have come across concrete stain floors, which look more or less like tiles. Ideally, building professionals accomplish this by use of what is known as concrete scoring. In this regard, the concrete is essentially scored using a concrete saw or 4 inch grinder. This essentially leads to the creation of some amazing patterns using the rather simple process. This is in fact something that you can even do on your own but to be on the safe side, it is essential that you let the professionals do the job. For example, handheld grinders pose a very serious safety risk that you should be cautious about and it is thus very important that you exercise extra care.

Tips for concrete scoring

As you would expect, concrete scoring can yield some amazing results but this is only possible when it is done correctly. For instance, if the floor becomes stained after scoring and before the sealing is done, this will essentially lead to the staining of the score lines with other parts of the floor. The end result of this is that it tends to have a relatively darker look compared to the stain color of the floor. In case the scoring will be done after staining is finished, grout lines with have the color of the original concrete. The end result of this is that it will have a tile like look even without grouting. Another option available is to do the scoring after you are done with the staining and you should then grout the lines and your tile will certainly have a more authentic look.

To achieve the best results when it comes to concrete scoring, it is essential that you do the grouting after applying the first sealing coat. You should then wait for the grout to carefully dry overnight after which you get to apply the next sealer. You should follow this with three coats and you will definitely be thrilled with the remarkable results that you get there-of.

So as you can see, concrete scoring can be done before staining or after staining. Both come with a guarantee of remarkable results and it will simply depend on your preferences. Nevertheless, most people are known to prefer scoring after staining but in either case, you can rest assured that you will get remarkable results. It is essential that you look for a well experienced expert so that you can get the job done in the best way possible. Most importantly, avoid doing the scoring all by yourself as you might not be able to get results that are good. When done by experienced professionals, concrete scoring can yield remarkable results than you would even imagine.


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