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Charleston Concrete is a fully-licnesed and insured concrete contracting company that offers pervious concrete installation services in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas of the Lowcountry.

Pervious concrete and how it works:

Pervious concrete is a perfect option to consider when you need to pave a pathway or a new driveway for your home and here is a look at exactly how it works.

Most urban concrete jungles face a risk of flooding that is usually known as ‘swimming pool effect’. In such a case, the water is usually left with nowhere to drain and this result in pooling. A perfect solution that can help contain this menace is the so called pervious concrete. Over the years, many homeowners in rural, suburban and urban areas tend to benefit greatly from this type of concrete.

How it works

Generally speaking, pervious concrete is usually a paving material which is constructed carefully from a paste that is made with cement and water after which aggregate particles are used for mixing it. The uniqueness of this particular mixture when compared to the traditional variety is that little or no sand particles are contained in it. Voids are created whereby the water tends to drain and a permeable substance is thereby created. This option comes with a slight drawback in that the voids mean that the concrete has reduced strength. The kind of strength desired can be achieved by use of additives and this will essentially depend on the kind of project.

Runoff purification

Pervious concrete is among the top rated concrete designs when it comes to runoff purification. Storm runoff can essentially be managed easily with this type of concrete and besides being able to reduce runoff remarkably; the cement used in its design does a great job when it comes to working as the filtering system once the moisture has been allowed to seep via the spaces surrounding the aggregate material. So, environmentalists have a great respect for this type of concrete as it really goes a long way towards ensuring adequate protection of the environment.

Preventing flooding

Perhaps the main advantage that comes with pervious concrete is the fact that it really helps a lot to prevent flooding. The best thing with this material is that it contributes greatly to minimize the risk that urban flooding usually causes by ensuring that water has a place where it can go to thus preventing flooding. This is done by allowing the liquid to seep through into the earth and this helps minimize flooding thereof.

Where to use pervious concrete

Pervious concrete can essentially be used in so many places than you would imagine and most importantly, it works as a perfect replacement of the traditional materials. As such, you can use it for residential paving, alleys, roads, sidewalks, driveways, patios, walkways and creating foundations for artificial reefs and open area buildings as well as walls. In addition, you can also use pervious concrete in parking lots as well as in boat launch ramps and all these places will look perfect. Even though it isn’t as cheap as such, you have all the reasons in the world as to why you should opt for pervious concrete.


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