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Foundation Repairs and Installation

Charleston Best Contractor for Foundation Installation and Repairs

Charleston Concrete is a fully-licensed and insured South Carolina General Contractor that provides concrete contracting services, such as foundation installation on new homes and repairs on old home, to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Introducing different types of concrete foundations:


Concrete is preferred by many for building construction since it offers numerous advantages like being relatively resilient, strong and can be molded easily when wet. When it comes to creating concrete foundations, there are many different types available at your disposal as explained here below.

When thinking about concrete foundations, it is important that you know the different types available so that you can be able to make a well informed decision as to what to opt for. Having such knowledge will indeed save you both money and time and you will be able to know what is best for you. With many different options available at your disposal, you can rest assured that you will never go wrong with your choice at any given time and here are the top options that you should consider.

T- Shaped concrete foundation

Of the many options of concrete foundations in existent out there, the t- shaped concrete foundation is perhaps the most popular. Many will commonly use it and it is essentially used with the goal of supporting the structures on areas where the ground might freeze. In an ordinary circumstance, the frozen ground tends to exert some pressure on foundations but the rather unique design that comes with the T shaped foundation means any potential damage can be resisted. When making this type of foundation, you will essentially need to place a flat footing section just below your expected frost line after which the walls are then build on the top. These walls are usually not as wide compared to the footing and this essentially makes them able to come with an additional support level required at the base of the building.

Slab on grade foundation

The other type of concrete foundations worthy considering is slab on grade concrete foundation and you have many reasons to consider this one as well than you would imagine. Even though there is no doubt to the fact that this concrete foundation is used widely, you will in most cases find it being used on areas of the ground which don’t freeze. A single layer consisting of thick concrete is used for making the foundation. Reinforcing rods are then used, which gives the thickened edge some extra strength and this will remarkably improve the drainage. Insulation can also be used for reinforcing it as well, which helps ensure frost doesn’t affect it.

Frost protected shallow concrete foundation

Another type of concrete foundations that is also relatively popular out there is the so called frost protected shallow concrete foundation. This foundation is essentially designed with the aim of countering the adverse effects associated with frost and insulation will be placed on its outside parts and health loss from building is utilized.

With all these and many other concrete foundations in existent out there, you will really need to do your homework very well so that you can be able to ascertain what is best for you depending on what you need to accomplish.

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